About Exact

What began as a cook apprenticeship in 1983, has become, over time and many experiences, a successful catering company that offers our guests a diverse range of services.
A dream that accumulates through many years of experience and discover new things, in reality transformed.
To pamper guests with culinary delights and to conjure up a meal that appeals to all the senses – this is what Manfred Gerald Taus has always wanted. And he can certainly proudly say that he succeeds in offering each of his guests a perfect interplay of all the senses.

What started with small birthday parties and company parties,
was extended by small events and big company parties or anniversaries …

125 years Siemens 1000 pax
50 years Stoakogler over 1000 pax
30 years Matzhold with about 500 pax … are just a few of them.

“Why Exact?
I am told to be a perfectionist
I like to call it “exactly” and three steps further than others, so Exact!”